In the natural park of Sierra Espuña

Located near Murcia, Fairfruit Spain is also located in the small village of Pliego. The company markets an annual production of about 4’300 tons on 320 hectares of stone fruits.

Fairfruit Spain has a preferred partner in this production site named PSB Producción Vegetal. This company is one of the most recognized breeder in the world for the development of new varieties of apricots, peaches and nectarines mainly. Frutas de la Sierra Espuña, a packhouse, is also a partner of Fairfruit Group. The main customers of these structures are Switzerland, France and Austria. Fairfruit Spain intends to promote with its partners in the future the Spanish apricot.

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Fairfruit Spain was created to harmonize the listing of Spanish products. This subsidiary provides security to the export sector of Spanish products from the fields to the supermarkets. Fairfruit Spain oversees the production process, quality management and marketing of all fruits produced by the partners in the Spanish and French territories.

The innovative production of Spanish varieties recognized worldwide allows us to have loyal customers at FairFruit Group.


The structure of Murcia produces apricots, nectarines, peaches, flat nectarines and flat peaches. Innovation is at the heart of the Fairfruit strategy and Fairfruit Spain (Murcia). Thus, a new product will be created for the 2015 season: the red apricot.

Fairfruit Spain is a young company that is associated to its Spanish partners experience like the breeder PSB and the producer PFB.

The subsidiary offers its stone fruits to the Spanish, Swiss, Austrian, Belgian and French markets.

The packhouse Frutas de la Sierra Espuña is equipped with new grading machines and 12 packaging lines for a packaging capacity average of 150 tons per day. Sorting is performed by color, maturity, and fruit weight.

The presence of many cold rooms maintains more than 500 tons of freight below 4 ° C daily.

Yearly production: 4’300 tons


The fruits grow in accordance with good agricultural practices and integrated production. The Fairfruit Spain producer partners practice sustainable farming and are certified GlobalGAP standard and Grasp. The fields are also certified for soil and water management (water & soil standard).

The packhouse is certified IFS Food and BRC.


Fairfruit works with its partner PSB Producción Vegetal breeder of new stone fruit varieties. PSB creates quality products with exceptional flavors and blazing colors. This fruit crop is carried by long years of research that involves rigorous agronomic skills.


Frutas de la Sierra Espuña brings 30 years of experience in harvesting and packaging of the products. In order to keep full quality taste of the fruit, harvest techniques have been developing and improving year by year. frutas de la sierra espuna

Gyümölcsért is also a key partner in this production site for the development of specialized markets.gyumolcsert


Fairfruit Spain offers from the Murcia site the Calidor brand.