Fairfruit Portugal

In the paradise of Alentejo

Set in the typical rural Alentejo region in southern Portugal, Fairfruit Portugal started its activity in 2013 in organic stone fruits production with its partner Biodamasco in Serpa. In 2015, Fairfruit Portugal plans on planting 74 hectares of integrated crop of apricots, nectarines and peaches. Located in Beja, orchards yield their first harvest in 2018. Fairfruit Portugal finally offers a rare quality of olive oil from the Alentejo region (annual production 600’000 liters).

  • Official Name : Fairfruit Portugal LDA
  • Area : 130 hectares

More Info

Fairfruit Portugal was created to harmonize the listing of Portuguese products. This subsidiary provides security for the export of Portuguese products chain from the fields to the supermarkets;

This structure provides oversight of production processes, quality management and trading of all fruits produced by the partners in the territory.

The subsidiary works closely with its French counterpart Fairfruit International for the olive oil trading especially in France.