On The Rungis market

BONDEV SAS , French subsidiary, sales the fruits of its producers partners from Portugal (stone fruits and olive oil) and from Spain (stone fruits). BONDEV SAS has two logistics platforms in Rungis and Perpignan. If the group does not produce in France, it provides a number of clients in the distribution. It is also a partner of Alpfruits company in Switzerland for trading of Portuguese olive oil.

  • Official name : BONDEV SAS

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Fairfruit International oversees the commercialization process of all fruits produced by the partners on the French territory. This is in accordance with customer requirements and loyalty of consumers to Fairfruit Group products.

This French subsidiary, established in February 2014, sells stone fruits but also Portuguese production of olive oil from our local partners. The combination of commercial managers provided access to the French market to defend quality products throughout the year.


The purpose of this subsidiary is to access the French and Rungis market by the listing of its main brands in supermarkets.


The Sevilla production site offers two iconic brands CARDONA and MATHYS, created especially for Fairfruit International customers. The fruits are carefully selected for their color and sugar levels. MATHYS is characterized by its intense fruit color varieties producing limited mid-season.mathys