Fairfruit Hungary

Near to Tokay vineyards

Hungary is the Fairfruit project cradle since 1997. On the shores of Balaton lake, and in the Tokay region (Gönc area) of Hungary, Fairfruit extended its apricot orchards, plum and cherry trees. With an annual production of 2’800 tons, Fairfruit Hungary (Boldogkőváralja) laid the solid foundation for Fairfruit philosophy partnership with the local community, conservation and packaging on site, excellent products and marketing export oriented. By now, the two Fairfruit Hungary conditioning centers provide thirty customers throughout Europe.

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Fairfruit Hungary was created to enhance the image of Fairfruit Group from customers, but also to ensure the security of the activities of the production sites in the pursuit of excellence set by the group. The production site of Boldogkőváralja was established in 2003 and is constanly expanding.

Fairfruit Hungary supervises the production processes, quality management and trading of all fruits produced by the partners in the Hungarian territory. This is to the guaranteed compliance with customer requirements and consumer loyalty to the Group products.

It is a company with an international focus. While relying on traditional skills, a professional team and a desire to develop the local community, it seeks to expand into the European market and wishes to promote the Hungarian competence for apricot production.


The annual production site has about 2’800 tons of fruit. These are mainly apricots from June to September, but also plums and cherries.

Fairfruit Hungary has about 76 producers grouped around the Gyümolcsért Kft partner.

The Gyümolcsért Kft packaging centers, with their 6’000 m2 of total area, are equipped with grading machines and packaging lines which can pass 200 tons of fruit per day. Cold rooms of these production sites reach a maximum capacity of 1’200 tons storage.

The target markets are Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Austria and Germany.

Annual Production :

2,650 tons of apricots of 291 hectares
30 tons of cherries on 4.5 hectares
120 tons of plums on 14 hectares


The orchards are grown in accordance with good agricultural practices and integrated production. The Fairfruit Hungary producers partners practicing sustainable farming and are certified GLOBAL GAP standard and GRASP.

Quality management and quality control are essential in our strategy. We are committed every day to meet the requirements of the BRC and TPPS standards.

The packaging center can store in cold atmosphere up to 800 tons of goods in 790 m2. The total area of 2’600 m2 covered two grading machines, a machine to mount boxes, and two punnet machines.


Fairfruit Group works with its partner GYÜMOLCSERT KFT for many years. You can find more information on the website of the partner (www.gyumolcsert.com).



Brands offered by this subsidiary are “FRUIT & FUN” and “Gönci”. For fruits of good quality they are selected in the field for their sweetness and intense color.