Fairfruit Hongrie

On the shores of Balaton Lake

Fairfruit Hungary has a packhouse surrounded by a plantation of 200 hectares located in an exceptional setting on the shores of the famous Balaton Lake.

Apricots and cherries are the leading products of this production area. Associated with the packhouse located in the north of Hungary in  Boldogkőváralja these two production sites offer all together around 4’300 tons of stone fruits per year. Its main customers are in Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Poland.

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Fairfruit Hungary was created to enhance the image of Fairfruit Group from its customers, but also to ensure the security of the activities of the production sites in the pursuit of excellence set by the group. The Balatonvilágos packhouse was built in 2004. But Balaton Fruit Kft. exists since 1998 and was the founding company.

Fairfruit Hungary supervises the production processes, quality management and trading of all fruits produced by the partners on the Hungarian territory. This is to the guaranteed compliance with customer requirements and consumer loyalty to the Group products.

It is a company with an international focus. While relying on traditional skills, a professional team and a desire to develop the local community, it seeks to expand into the European market and wishes to promote the Hungarian competence for apricots production.