In the heart of Burgenland

In Burgenland, a region east of Austria known for its wines, planted 30 hectares of Fairfruit stone fruit plantations to the Austrian market. The first harvests are expected for 2017.

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Based on Fairfruit Group’s years of experience, Fairfruit Services and the Hungarian partner Gyümölcsért decided to grow stone fruits on Austrian soil. Creating Fairfruit Austria was necessary to supply producers and customers.

Fairfruit GmbH is a young company created to meet the demand of major Austrian supermarkets that wants to offer its customers local quality stone fruits.


Soon, the Austrian production will count on 30 hectares of apricots, nectarines and peaches.

In five years, Fairfruit GmbH aims to become a key player in the Austrian stone fruits market.


Social responsibility is a key point in the activity of Fairfruit GmbH. Human respect, good social practices and working conditions are a daily concern of Fairfruit GmbH. Obtaining GRASP standard is a major objective.

Fairfruit GmbH also wants to integrate into the Burgenland region by providing work opportunities to the local community.


The group Fairfruit works with its partner GYÜMOLCSERT KFT. You can find more information :


PSB Vegetal Producción is represented through the Fairfruit Austria project in an exclusive partnership. Indeed, the breeding company provides its plans and new varieties on the project. psb