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In the fields


Producers supplying the Fairfruit Group are certified GLOBAL G.A.P.

Obtaining this certification demonstrates good agricultural practices in the production area.

This fruit & vegetable certification, covers soil management, the application of phytosanitary protection treatments and post-harvest stages.

One of our Fairfruit production sites in Murcia, Spain is certified for water and soil management since 2014.

Our sites in Portugal are also certified Integrated Production.

The packaging center


Our packaging centers are certified BRC Global Standards and IFS Food.

These standards are required by major actors in retail area.

Their application ensures food safety of our products.

Used as organizational tools, we want to ensure that all employees adhere to these standards in their daily work.

This allows a single philosophy among the packaging centers partners.

If necessary, we are ready to meet specific requests for specific certificates like the TTPS of Tesco or “Mon Marché Plaisir” of Intermarché.

The Fairfruit Group

The Fairfruit Group has a quality management system inspired by ISO 9001: 2008 norm.

This management tool is a guide to our employees.

Fairfruit follows basic management principles as employee involvement, customer orientation, leadership, continuous improvement and relationship with its suppliers.

Fairfruit Group’s partners is also committed to respect our supplier’s instructions. It contains important points regarding food safety of products supplied, work conditions, hygiene and cleanliness.

Social responsibility

The Fairfruit partners are certified GRASP. This extension of the GLOBAL GAP defends working conditions in the production sites (field area).

Fairfruit employees must respect our Good Practices Guideline in order to maintain a safe and respectful work environment.

Organic Production


Our Portuguese subsidiary sells organic fruits from Biodamasco partner.

This producer has certified its products BIO BOURGEON by the BIO SUISSE Company.

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